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Space Idea in LEGO
Misc Custom LEGO Roads
Mechanics LEGO Log Cabins
Updated E-126 in LDD
Massive Attack of Roads II
LEGO Log Cabin version 5
Update on the E-126 MOC
My Log Cabin at a LEGO store
LEGO ENERCON E-126 Windmill
Lego Train Track Geometry
Custom SNOT Roads SP04
Allure of the Brick
MOC in Progress Spring 2009
Latest version of Cabin MOC
My SNOT Roads article in RAILBRICKS
LEGO Log Cabins
Original Mosaic Banners made out of Bricks
Roofs and roads using 1x3 slope bricks
Ohio State Fair 2008
Ohio State Fair 2008 Gallery 2
Train Engine Shed
Concrete Style Bridge V9
LEGO Bridge Ver. 15 Pre-Stressed
LEGO Train Bridge ver. 13
LEGO Train Bridge ver. 14
CO Steam TurbineElec
LEGO Bridge Version 17
LEGO Bridge V18
LEGO Trees and Plants
Custom SNOT Roads SP01
LEGO Bridge Ver 16
Current LDraw.xml 4.40
LEGO 2007 Calendar
LEGO Trusses
LEGO Cranes
Bio Sheets for shows
Custom SNOT Roads SP02
COLTC GTE Jan 2006 Display
Lego Train Bridge ver. 10
First Night 2005
Ohio State Fair 2005
ILTCO NMRA July 2005
People at the ILTCO NMRA July 2005
WamaLTC, TCLTC, NGLTC at the ILTCO NMRA July 2005
Michigan Groups NMRA 2005
My part of the COLTC NMRA 2005
COLTC NMRA July 2005
LEGO Pre-stressed concrete bridge V8
LEGO Pre-Stressed Bridge v7
Columbus GATS 050212
Scenery made from LEGO
COLTC Feb 2005
LEGO Train Bridge ver 6
Groveport Winter 2004
Arch Truss v5
Columbus GATS Feb 7-8 2004
Triple tack Cable stayed Bridge v4
COSI Toledo Dec 12-14 2003
Ohio Erie Canal
Dayton GATS Oct 2003
First Display of Bridge 2
LEGO Windmill
COLTC Display at Tuttle Mall
COLTC LEGO tour Display 2003
LEGO Bridge 1
LEGO Scout Space Ship
LEGO Space Mother Ship

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