Sunday, December 03, 2023

Working on this

Updated Sunday, December 03, 2023
Posted Sunday, January 29, 2023
Mf 556 map from Display for your LEGO MINFIG or other Collectibles 2023 GallaghersArt_mf_556_map.jpg - Current version 556. with single cover version test

Parametric Modular Collectible Display Case, now with LED Back-Lighting. Wish I would had done it sooner, much better than in bags in a box out of site. Many others have made versions like this. Here it’s meant to be attached to a board and framed up, also using as little filament as possible. Most brick MINIFIGS fit in these smaller-width hexagons.

**2023 Dec. 3rd update, Vase Modules.

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Updated Sunday, December 18, 2022
Posted Monday, December 05, 2022
Gallaghersart dsc04574sm from Christmas 2022 Tree, Multi-Part’s, Vase’s, and More… GallaghersArt_gallaghersart_dsc04574sm.jpg - front 2 are current vetsion, the rest are the drafts

Multi Color / Part Christmas Tree Vase versions and additional parts for 2022. STL’s are on this site, Source Files (FreeCAD), and more parts will be posted on my personal website with just a click to download, no requirements/login to get files.

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Updated Friday, November 03, 2023
Posted Thursday, October 13, 2022
Dsc05387 from Artist Easel Heavy GallaghersArt_dsc05387.jpg - Nov. 2023. Current layout and Heavy Easel Configuration.

***2023/11/03 Updates, none for main frame, but many addons, more may come but out of filament. Documentation will be made soon…. So today just new pictures and modules..

**2022-12-05 Made some updates, larger parts with compression bolts to keep layers compressed.

Now that I’m painting again with shaking hands and unbalanced sitting and standing. I realized I needed an Easel that can…

• Have a fixed but easily moved bar over the painting that I can rest my hands on without touching the wet painting.

• Also need an Easel that could hold me up or support my weight when I lose balance or need support to stay up.

• A shelf under paintings for stuff.

• A flexible stand on the left for reference or tablets/screens. (Right now thinking of just using a monitor arm for this)

• On the right side 2 glass pallets, A long strip on top for raw out-of-the-tube paint with tubes stacked above 300mm x 100mm. Then below this a 2nd glass pallet for mixing and using 300mm x 300mm or larger.

• Hacking up 2 cool/warm adjustable LED lights to attach to the top of the frame with their adjustable arms. The one on the left has a magnifying lens with it so I can see details of the reference materials. The 2nd one will be over the mixing pallets.

• Adjustable angle for canvas mount, which can be vertical or facing up or down.

• Able to rotate painting as I’m painting to get different angles while painting, (upside down, on the side, etc..)

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Sunday, September 25, 2022
Dsc04514 from Oil’s 2022 GallaghersArt_dsc04514.jpg

So its been since 1990’s that I touched Oil Paints. Tried some abstract paintings that confirmed what I knew, I’m a realistic artist, So I have been starting back up and working on Portraits.

Did some color studies 1st, then some eyes, then my 1st ever Oil Portrait. More on the way….

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Updated Sunday, December 18, 2022
Posted Monday, January 17, 2022
Gallaghersart dsc03960 from Miscellaneous 3D Prints GallaghersArt_gallaghersart_dsc03960.jpg - Skew Test ver. 0.40

Miscellaneous 3D Prints and Source Files *updated Dec.3rd 2023.

Various source files for 3D printing. 3D prints that I have created that do not get a whole page on my site. Wide range of items will be included.

This Page will be updated over time as I add new ones.

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Monday, January 17, 2022

Bricked 3D, the last printers you will need.

3D Printers that I designed.

Coming Soon!

Updated Thursday, January 20, 2022
Posted Monday, January 17, 2022
Dsc03947 from 3D Printable Terrain Maps GallaghersArt_dsc03947.jpg - Machu Picchu Peru

3D Printable Terrain Maps that can also be CNC’ed. Most have elevations multiplied by 4.2 times to give height variations to view. Other wise they would just be a few layers thick total across whole map.

This Page will be updated over time as I add new maps.



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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

So I’m about to expose something about myself that I have not told anyone until recently. See I have found out over the years some people have been taken off on how I act socially. And some have thought the worst of me.

I’m on the spectrum of autism and what used to be call Asperger’s disease

I never fit in until after high school, my dark ages. Had many bullies and hatred towards me for being different. Missed out on many possible relationships, cause I could not pick up on social cues. Problems with work environments that relied on social interactions. And still continue to today, except the bullies part.

And for the all my past haters and miscommunications, I do not hold that against you or hold any ill will towards you in my life. I was different than you and at your time in life you took it out on me, I pray you have found peace and love.

The single fact is people on the spectrum are the best of us, we see things you don’t. We are all different. My word is driven by fact, not feeling. We are good people, we do not carry social baggage of the past.

Personally what finally got me to accept this, was the YouTube Algorithm starting giving me Autism video in my feed. And well I was blown away on how right on things are. What I taught was how we all acted was just how I and others like me act.

SO my life of masking to fit in with all of you is over. I now know how I’m different than all of you and I’m so sorry, I wish everyone could see things as people in the spectrum do. The world would be better and at peace, discrimination would be gone. The world would just be better if we had more people on the spectrum capable of masking and living in your world of hate and inequality.

Peace and Love to all, even past haters and bullies.


Updated Friday, December 31, 2021
Posted Monday, November 29, 2021
Complete ver 0 215 from Mask V3 Make Them Your Own! GallaghersArt_complete_ver_0_215.jpg - Complete ver 0 215

This is a total remake of my original versions. This time I made them in FreeCAD using a spreadsheet to control all aspects of the design for an easy and quick way to make changes.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Dsc05627 from Fungus With ANTS GallaghersArt_dsc05627.jpg

A few years ago the area around my residents bloomed with all sorts
of mushrooms, then again in 2021.

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Updated Thursday, March 19, 2020
Posted Monday, March 02, 2020
All current 200706b from Airtight adapters for Medical Masks and Face Respirators GallaghersArt_all_current_200706b.jpg

Powered, Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) and More.

I have been working on these designs a few years ago and have plans for commercial plastic injection molded add-ons / that enable disposable and face respirators to be airtight. They require a scuba mouthpiece and nose clips.

Once installed ALL air goes through scuba mouthpiece and through air filters, NO leakage from side of masks or for people with beards (like myself and why I created these, so I do not have to shave my beard).

Due to COVID-19 I’m posting my 3D prototypes for personal use. With hopes of finding support and funds that I have no way to get myself.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Gallaghersart mjg bt a045 050 101 81upload from My 3D Printer Designs GallaghersArt_gallaghersart_mjg_bt_a045_050_101_81upload.jpg - CoreXY Stacked Racks

I have been working on several different types of additive and subtractive systems. SO far only making them to the CAD designs.

Due to current world issues I’m just posting them to share.I would love to find funding to get these designs built and tested.

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