Building a Safer Community

Sunday, January 08, 2012

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Building a Safer Community

So around 2003 I was thinking how I could make my multifamily dome community safer, while minimizing the amount of pavement for the development.

My solution was a development that only had one way roads. All intersections were roundabouts with clear view of any oncoming traffic.

The way I laid out the one way roads and roundabouts meant only right hand turns were available to the traffic.

Parking would surround the domes so the tenants can park in front of their own unit.

The openness of the roundabouts and distance between domes could make for an excellent community areas and paths.

In this design study I have 2 separate entrances into the community. The main purpose for this is in case any part of the roads in this development needs works, an alternant route to each unit would still be available.

The befits of this design are many fold, better safety for cars and walking pedestrians, less pavement, Slowing traffic by design, better and cheaper snow removal. And redundant systems for traffic.

Now in this picture I did not include that much of a yard per unit as I would like now. But each tenants unit would have a larger yard directly out there front door leading to their parking spaces. No one single unit would be facing directly into another unit, so the allusion of living out in the country could easily be made. With the correct landscaping the tenants would only see their own yard and car port, then woods. And with a larger yard, trees and shrubs can block direct access to lower windows from car and pedestrian traffic in the development.

To this date I believe this would be the cheapest and safest buildings that could be built while lasting long after I’m gone.

Mike Gallagher

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all roads one way and right turns only from Building a Safer Community GallaghersArt_Dome_complex_02c.jpg - Except for the 2 main entrances all roads within development are one way and right turns only
Except for the 2 main entrances all roads within development are one way and right turns only

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