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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My earlier “About GallaghersArt” ended with starting to see a Neurologist, well the 3rd or 4th Neurologist. Went from one specialist to the other.

The long trip to figure me out. Thankfully for the 1st time in my life my pain was gone (not gone, but comparably better), and without heavy pain meds.

Turns out my immune system did a number on my nervous system over the years. Now my autonomic system and other stuff are really messed up.

My autonomic system controlling heart and digestion received some help from a drug the military uses to protect troops from chemical weapons. Sadly this knowledge came from the actions in the 1st gulf war in Iraq. If humanity was more peaceful in the past this medication I need to live would not be.

It did not cure the pain, but I was able to keep many more meals down and even digested better. Joy!

I also started using some other meds for epileptic people that is not approved for pain, but it works better than anything, except CBD.

I wish I knew this many years earlier, it now confirms why CBD and THC have always benefited me.

Now at the limits of current pharmaceuticals medications can do for me. Still unable to get my heart to beat faster as others do when they get up or do anything. Been talks of a pacemaker. Basically, if I’m doing any physical, I’m all in forcing my way through, can’t stop, must finish. For those of you that run (wish I could) you know when you push yourself for an extra mile, running on adrenaline. This is me going to the grocery, pressing down on the cart handles to keep me up. Walking slower than those much older than me. Unable to count dimes and quarters out for bus fare. My limits now on overheating from doing this work.

My heat tolerance is worse, I really want it to be 50-60 while I’m awake, even colder while sleeping, Winter is my friend. If I’m up and about doing something I build up heat, it may take: 20min or longer to recover. Doing mild snow removal I may end up in just a t-shirt with a stack of steam flowing above me. While home alone the temperature I keep are meant to keep the pipes from freezing and spent most of the winter with inside temps below 45.

So very doubtful I could find a wife in the lower 50 states that would enjoy such a thing as myself.

Still have not found the right funding, been too picky. Watching others with similar ideas pass along. Feeling my window of opportunity to better humanity fading. No need to hold onto ideas, we must share.

About done with my “public_domain” area that will list all the ideas I have had over the years and how others are doing the same. Along with a still long list of ideas that I have so far not found others doing. As I write this the new area requires a login, once shared with my small group and finished I will allow public access. Kind of want to stay up all night and work on it, but my stomach has other ideas.

For once in my life, I really want to get drunk but unable due to my meds. I did do about a shot of vodka, glad I only did one. Felt like I drank the whole bottle and with no fun.

So living the life of a legal hardcore addict to pharmaceuticals by many drug companies.

If you know someone that needs a website to let them know about me, about all I can do now is type. Still, have Networking and OS knowledge that I can do remotely. (Cisco, Citrix, Windows, Linux, firewalls, servers of all types, Websites, artwork, designs..).

Now for what’s to come next,



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