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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Gallaghersartvideos-2 from Now with Videos! GallaghersArt_gallaghersartvideos-2.jpg

Used Sketchup to make some videos of my designs and made some stop motions of my artwork.

I have linked the pages that have videos now and listed all videos in this post.

Most are from my designs, still have a few to upload and plans for others.

No sound or narration yet…

I made some of my art work, much harder to do frame by frame. Both of the posted videos of my artwork were meant to only be 3 seconds of video. But my 8 yr old laptop was unable to processes as I wanted. Along with the other videos, none are edited.


Click image to view larger, or...
Gallaghersartvideos-2 from Now with Videos! gallaghersartvideos-2.jpg Download Original 868 x 493

156.96 KiB

GallaghersArt Rammed Earth 7 c

GallaghersArt Flower Dome 00473

GallaghersArt Life Vid_001

Space Habitable Module

Large Multifamily Dome

T4 ring mod 81 vid01

Life vid 03 View Location

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