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Friday, January 06, 2012

Please note this does not affect any of my non-commissioned LEGO art and pictures.

For my Design side of my website, all designs, pictures, applications, technology, that I display or explain on my site are copyrighted by Mike Gallagher and all are my intellectual property, designs and artwork.

Permissions must be given beforehand by Mike Gallagher to use in full or part any of my designs, images or files.

Permissions are given for news or blog type sites that do not make a direct profit from discussing my designs on their site. All downloads and images must point back to my site. No mirrored download of my files on other sites is permitted. Images used on your sites must contain a link back to my sites article or forum posts that image came from. Along with credit were due. Images cannot be modified in any way, and must all include my copyright information all ready part of my images. If images are resized for your site the © must still be readable. No cropping of images is permitted. Hot linking is also not supported, if you should require hot-linking to my images please contact me.

After many years of not being able to continue my structural design ambitions I’m now posting some of my designs on my site to see where it may lead. One day I hope to be writing about these designs as being built, but for now I post.

If you find any needs for my work please contact me,

Mike Gallagher

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