Actual Sized Cropped Artwork

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Was 6 64k closeup 1for1 from Actual Sized Cropped Images of my Artwork GallaghersArt_was_6_64k_closeup_1for1.jpg - from "Was Six"

I started making cropped images of some of my artwork. What that means is I found “new” artwork from within the full sizes of my artwork. Pixel for pixel, unedited, not resized, no loss.

Once I’m able to print my artwork at the sizes I want you could view the pieces and perceive new feelings from new areas. If you’re really good you can focus on the different layers and perceive the differences that make up the final image.

These images are very small portions of my final Artworks. Finial image renders were sized at 64,000 x 36,000 pixels or just over 2.3+ Billion pixels (2,304,000,000 pixels). Many of these renders took major server power from a day to a few days to complete. Now using Amazons EC2 g2.8xlarge as needed (when I have money..) costs a @ $3-5 per hr, and most renders still take a few days. Even with this server power I still get a crash here and there, the last one died after all most 2 days, lost all that work.

That’s for final renders. Discovery and creation I do on my 8yr+ old PCs at home.

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