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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

So I’m about to expose something about myself that I have not told anyone until recently. See I have found out over the years some people have been taken off on how I act socially. And some have thought the worst of me.

I’m on the spectrum of autism and what used to be call Asperger’s disease

I never fit in until after high school, my dark ages. Had many bullies and hatred towards me for being different. Missed out on many possible relationships, cause I could not pick up on social cues. Problems with work environments that relied on social interactions. And still continue to today, except the bullies part.

And for the all my past haters and miscommunications, I do not hold that against you or hold any ill will towards you in my life. I was different than you and at your time in life you took it out on me, I pray you have found peace and love.

The single fact is people on the spectrum are the best of us, we see things you don’t. We are all different. My word is driven by fact, not feeling. We are good people, we do not carry social baggage of the past.

Personally what finally got me to accept this, was the YouTube Algorithm starting giving me Autism video in my feed. And well I was blown away on how right on things are. What I taught was how we all acted was just how I and others like me act.

SO my life of masking to fit in with all of you is over. I now know how I’m different than all of you and I’m so sorry, I wish everyone could see things as people in the spectrum do. The world would be better and at peace, discrimination would be gone. The world would just be better if we had more people on the spectrum capable of masking and living in your world of hate and inequality.

Peace and Love to all, even past haters and bullies.


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